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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  December 29, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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and as parent you never want to go before your children. so it is heart break to go hear that this morning. >> yes. so carrie fisher has a daughter named billie. she has lost her mother and her grandmother, in the space of two days. todd fisher is carry's brother. he's lost his mother and his sister. you just can't even conceive. i mean, it is a while before you can take it in, almost feel like you go out of your bod when you are shocked like this. >> you hear couples been together 50, 06 years, then one unfortunately passes, then couple of days, some even hours later. doctor mike talked about this, he said platelet, some of these platelets released in the body can't take it, we saw it with the case of having a stroke, other cases having heart attack. >> i think there is just, trying to feel like normally the platelets are the things that heal the wound on our skin to stop the blood. so literally trying to stop wounds on the inside of us. which can lead to that build up that can create a stroke, which is what, you know, they might have happened in the case of debbie reynolds.
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>> sure, she was 48 years old, not sure what kind of medication she was on, or what exactly her health issues were. at the time of this happening. >> what's the word, point yet? folks on social media are just really express ago lot of sympathy, don't sympathy now, because it was bad enough. >> and they lost their dad, carry's brother, todd, and also her own daughter, eddie fisher died number of years ago, i think six years ago, of course he was from south philadelphia. famous singer. talking that was the original bradangelina story. he was the big singer, america's sweetheart, debbie reynolds, and her best friends is elizabeth taylor, glamorous elizabeth taylor. >> right. so what happens is liz taylor's husband mike todd passes away in a airplane crash. debbie reynolds watches liz's children while she is -- because she is so heart broken grieving. debbie reynolds husband best friends with mike todd. he goes to console debbie --
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console liz taylor, and then ends up leaving debbie for liz taylor. and they get married. >> for like a year. >> yes. and deb had i been matron of honor at liz taylor's wedding. >> can you imagine, such scandal, forget the back story. >> later in life they did make up. and they were friend until the ends. and -- >> but again dealing with the heart break. even through the years, so supportive of her daughter carie. carrie very public about the issues she went through, the substance abuse. and if you ever dealt with a family member, anyone going through substance abuse, it takes its toll on you, even mental health issues, saw it later in life, debbie, took on that role, crusader for mental health. >> also like everyone knows with moms and daughters it was complicated. she wrote the scree play. >> you can have that volatile relationship toward the end, they lived right next-door to each other. >> good friend, also like you're the reason why you give me all problems. that movie was brilliant. postcard from the edge, about
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her struggles as a mom living in very famous mom actress played by who was it? >> shirley mcclane was the mom. and meryl streep was the daughter in that movie. and debbie reynolds, just reading a article where she said, now, they did embellish in the movie, it wasn't totally true, about the way we live. but it was inspired certainly by true events of their life. to put it all out there, that honesty that carrie fisher had. and debbie herself, she had three husbands, three disastrous marriages, able to be very self deposition dating and laugh about it when she would do interviews later on. >> the first one left for elizabeth taylor. other two basically brought her to financial ruin. doing all of these stories how she had a great film historian, owe zero emassed all of these wonderful costumes, pieces of movie history, husband two loses it all basically bankrupt her. and then three, she has the casino. >> yes, he mess that up entirely. then she ended upgoing bankrupt again. so she kept working through it all.
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now bring this all around to now. actually in the earl at this thousand's, we started watching these movies on the disney channel, my daughter and i, halloween town movies, debbie reynolds was in those movies. she played the grandmom. then ended up being a series of movies, that's how my daughter knows debbie reynolds, we know singing in the rain. >> so sorry but people think about will and grace. they may not know who debbie reynolds; but from will and grace, she was grace's mom on that show for about eight years. >> huge hit show. i would say i was thinking about this earlier, if you want to watch debbie reynolds movies, singing in the rain, you have to see that mill. unsingable molly brown. i had forgotten she was the sinking nun. >> ♪ >> remember that that song? she place the si in. ging nun. >> and i loved that message. together, singing in the rain. carrie fisher and debbie reynolds. make you really appreciate those around you. you know? mentioned it was a long night. >> yes.
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>> talking about that for a second. >> certainly don't want to make it about myself, but dealing with family member, then we move on here, you got the call last night literally was up all night worrying about, okay, we will move on because i'll get emotional. but it does just makes you feel like i'm going to fly out after the show take care that far. >> phonecall that someone in your family has health problems. >> yes. >> so we will deal with that after the show. and deal with t but you just realize specially as the year closes, you realize that so many people are passing and how life short is. and you know, you look on social media. this is the time when you look and you see the great that people pose, what people say, and then look at the negative comment, stuff like, that none of that matters in the end. >> nope. >> you know? you truly don't know the heart after person and where they come from. and debbie, i think, was example that far when you met her and the stories we are hear on social media. >> she lost several fortunes, but stayed close to her kids, all that matters in the end. >> unthinkable molly brown.
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>> that's her autobiography, by the way, yes, there is something you can read about debbie reynolds. >> molly brown from the titanic? the one who couldn't sink on the titanic. >> that lived to survive. >> that's right. >> let's lift things up. knowing her spirit, her personality, that's how she was, she had her casino out there. if you ever have been to the shows at the debbie reynolds casino, it was quite the show. so let's talk about we mention margo robby. >> yes, we tease in the earlier. so she invites people to her wedding. what does she do at this wedding? to give to her guests? she whips out the tatoo gun of course. >> what? >> you want your bride to be giving awe tatoo needle, for real. >> there are the pictures, no joke. so, several of the guests who attended her wedding, she is getting married, on the 19th, now showing the photos of the event. and, what they have right there. you can see it, the roman numerals for 19. x1:00. nineteen. they got ink on their
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forearms. would you do that for a friend, seriously, would you get a tatoo for a friend, their wedding day? >> i would put it in a place that hopefully you can't see it? >> you know, not to be cynical, but how do we know it will last? and then if it doesn't you've got it forever? >> never forget, right? remember the anniversary. >> one thing to put it on your own body, or your own anniversary. >> right. >> but someone else's? >> hey? >> they didn't have a book. you can go through, choose your own. >> i don't have any tattoos, i'm not a tatoo person, but i know it is a personal choice. do you have any tattoos? >> i do. >> i didn't notice. where? >> on the back, ya. >> what is it? >> it is a symbol. >> tramp stamp? >> no. i didn't say lower back. i was young. it is a symbol right mere on the back, and it is a symbol that means god is the highest. >> is it a chain east symbol?
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>> no, it is an african symbol. and i'll show it, yes, i'm gooing tell maybe during the commercial break and show you the symbol. yes, it is a very simple -- >> i know exactly what it is. >> kind of like this? >> okay. >> imagine that on my back. it just means it is african, god is the high. >> that's something you don't mind having on your body for the rest of your life, you know that will last. >> and had the tramp stamp removed. no longer. no tattoos? >> no. >> billy? >> no. >> how about nia? >> no. traumatic enough to get her ears pierced. >> if she came to you and said i want to get a tatoo, would you mind? >> she is 18. i don't have anything to say about it. >> of course would you. >> of course i would. (laughing). >> well it, depend, you know, like if it is something that, you know, you don't mind having on your body. >> like a symbol of your life? >> yes. and it would age well with you, because do you have think about that.
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>> it stretches. small little tatoo that you get? ends up becoming, ya. you wouldn't get billy forever. >> i have no desire to get a tatoo. it is okay if i live the rest of my life without one. i was thinking about getting one so she would think it wasn't cool on account of her mom had one. but i didn't need to do. that will don't like needles. >> some people get tattoos to form that bond, make relationships stronger. >> uh-huh. >> others, they spends time apart. >> so what do you think the seek receipt is for your relationship? is it more time together or more time apart? well, there is some research out there. actually mat now be bad to shall spending some time after of apart. here is what some relationship experts are saying. >> it is the balance. it shouldn't be any surprise. it is all of life is about trying to balance stuff. than is between time together. which you need. but you also do need your time alone. both of you need a chance to explore separate interests, and every couple is different, so there is real now right or wrong answer here the bottom line is expert say
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relationships are healthier when you figure out what works best for the two of you. isn't this a duh? >> time apart. a lot of people don't like long distance relationships. love it. love it. at the end. day where you can kind of have your space, now i don't, if you can spend time together, wonderful. but sometimes you need that moment to just separate. i think even when you're in a relationship, even married, sometimes have that girl's weaken, sometimes the guys can go away. doesn't mean you're doing anything, but just to hit the reset button. >> without a doubt. and then whether you do get back together, it is an occasion, and it is an event. you have things to share with each other about what you did, while were you apart. i totally agree with you. i think that when you have kids, it is a challenge to spend that alone time together. because you're all so focused on the kids, you can speak to that, as well. but so that's where you really got to strike that balance. >> you're doing so much for
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the children. >> puts strain ton the relationship, wife goes to the husband, i want little time with the girls, or the guys, then the person they get upset . >> if i want to go out to an event, i always say yes. if you have a person that says no, holds you back from the joy? >> i agree. >> but what we need to zero is to have more time together without the kids,. >> because your kids are small. >> yes. >> then trust me, when your nest is empty, it will be a loft time together. >> then staring at each other. >> oh, ya, i remember you. >> what's on netflix? i love that one. >> speaking of kids we have a winner. >> yes, we do. enter molly. policy from berwyn, pennsylvania, welcome to "good day" philadelphia, molly. so great to have you here. >> thank you. >> now you're ten years old, so what grade is that? >> fifth grade. >> fifth grade.
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where do you go to school? >> i go to te middle school. >> one of the best in the entire state of pennsylvania. congrats. who is your teach their? >> mr. varno, my homeroom teacher. >> i'm sure you you love school but also enjoying your vacation. >> yes. >> i understand you've been spending part of your vacation practicing weather, right? yes, so what have you been doing with your dad. >> well, we were like looking at like yesterday's report, and we saw like there is another weather kid. >> that's right. >> we were just looking at like what i should do when we were practicing, like what we should do. >> what do you think of the werth today? >> it is very like rainy. >> yucky? >> yes. >> sloppy? all of those other good words. now, before we get you to give us the forecast, because now we're really depending on you, molly, to tell us what it will be like, no pressure. tell us how you came to be here today. because it was a very special benefit that your parent went
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to. >> well, my mom has this workplace called lbgc. gee joined it because of my grandmother, she a breast cancer survivor. >> the llbc means living beyond breast cancer. we were a sponsor of the region raise yoga on of the art museum steps last year, that led to the butterfly ball. and that's where your auction was offered. and aren't you so glad that your parent were the winning biders. >> yes. >> are they here? i see somebody holding a phone. i see little -- did you have a brother, as well? >> right. >> what's your brother's name? >> brian. >> hi, brian. hi, dad. so cute. >> the greatest. so, sue, hi, dad. there is mom. there is ryan. so you're helping living beyond breast cancer which does so much for people who are survivors, you have somebody in your family who is a viewer i have r. >> yes, my grandmom. >> isn't that great? so you helped and you'll be on
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tv. i think that's a win-win, don't you guys? >> let's do it. >> all right, let's get over to the green screen. >> we low do it in 15 seconds. >> gentlemen, have your forecast, in 15 seconds. >> weaver part of the seven day forecast, little bit more, now i'll step out, you step in. i'll keep talking to you. you look at yourself in the camera right there. you can hold your left hand up. the other one. there you go. tada. and see what you're doing? pointing to the seven day forecast, so molly tell me what the high temperature will be today. >> forty-seven, degrees. >> that's right. and look at all of the folks depending on you with the camera right now.
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and still continuing to rain for little while? >> yes, going to come to an end at like the end of the day, but it will keep on raining. >> what about tomorrow, milliony? >> it it is going to be snowy like flurry or two. >> yup. >> so it will be 39 degrees, as the high, and the low will be 34 degrees. >> now is that going to be warmer or colder than today. >> colder. >> right. very, very good. now what about new years eve? we all want fun on new years eve. >> it is going to be 42 degrees, as the high, 28 as the low, and it will be pretty chilly. >> ya. >> so. >> do you like to go outside and have some fun when it turns, do your parent let you stay up until midnight. >> it depend, like if if we had like really crazy day then probably not. but usually, usually. >> good. you'll be celebratingment them new years day watch about the mummers parade? >> ya. >> you're going to go? tell me what the forecast s what's the forecast for sunday? >> it is going to have a 49 --
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it will be 49 degrees, as the high, 38 as the low, and it will be pretty -- sunny and cloudy. >> and what about monday and tuesday of next week? i think we might need our umbrellas? >> yes, there is going to be chance of a shower is, the low will be 39 and the high will be 48. >> very, very good. i think somebody better think about studying meteorology in college! because you did fantastic job. can you take a bow. tada, there you go, molly taft, future superstar everybody. >> thank you. >> thanks so much to everybody who helped living beyond breast cancer as well. thank you, molly, thank up, sue. so today is a important day, it is the third day of kwanzaa. >> it actually marks 50 years, the 50th anniversary of kwanzaa which is a week long celebration of african tradition, of course culture. >> so so many celebrations happening. one of the most amazing places to go is our african-american museum. right here in philadelphia. and that's where jenny joyce is right now.
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jenny, what's going on? >> drums, do you hear it, the drum, the music, yes, 50 years, celebrating the anniversary here, kwanzaa started december 26th. it runs through january 1st. and tomorrow, we have a big family fun day here. >> absolutely. here the african-american museum inviting everyone to stop by tomorrow, for our annual kwanzaa celebration, macy family fun day. >> so it is from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and this is one of the things that people are going to be able to see, the latal of the candle. what exactly is this? >> absolutely. called the kanara. doing the celebration tomorrow, lighting the candle. each candle represents one of the seven principals of kwanzaa unity economic and empowerment, fate, and then on tomorrow celebrating nia. that means purpose. so we will purposely celebrate and invite folks out to hear music, dance, magic and tons of things happening here at the museum. >> also face painting, right. >> face painting always popular about the kids. >> so family fun day. believe it or not, tomorrow's
9:18 am
event is free for the first 250 people. is that right? >> absolutely. but then after that it is two bucks. so easy on the wallet. if you have friends coming from out of town, kids are out of school. stop by. we have something for you. >> something simple and easy to do right in center city. can you give us a little bit of background on the kwanzaa celebration? and what it is, and what it means? >> surement like you mention kwanzaa celebrating its 50th anniversary, it is a tradition, that the african-american community came up with in the lays 60s, as a way to re inch rate african values and traditions, back into modern life. so we're excited to keep that tradition alive here at the museum. >> the drums, integral part? >> absolutely. so hearing on the drum, the fabulous hands patrice branson, part of collective. some of the best per con sean is cents in the world. she is one of them. leading community drum second he will. we're excited to have her back at the museum. will we see african dance as well?
9:19 am
>> absolutely. west african dance company will be here with the performance. it will be lively. it will be enthralling. electrifying, and you'll not want to miss that actually. >> definitely not. so again, guys, tomorrow, from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. here at the african-american museum. where are we at, eighth? >> seventh one arch street right down the street in the studios. i wasn't really paying attention. i know where it is, but for everybody else, who doesn't know where it is, 701 arch street. stop by tomorrow the great. thank you so much. >> great, thanks so much. >> guys, we send it back to you. >> thank you. really is great museum if you get a chance check it out. >> tomorrow's nia. >> say it! >> my daughter. >> sue's daughter's name. such beautiful name. >> and it means purpose. so it is meaningful, too. >> she has a purpose in your life. >> yes. >> until she leaves homes, does all of that stuff. >> at college now, yes. >> her first appearance was
9:20 am
when she was six month old. >> my gosh. >> i know. and it is amazing, and we had first day of school on the air, so i'm grateful. >> row fleck shop of her mother, so beautiful. >> hashtag grateful. >> the holidays, can you believe they're almost over? >> i took my christmas tree down. >> what? >> it was dead. >> are you doing that too? whether do you do it? do you do it after new years? do you do it now after christmas? how long do you wait? mine was so dead. >> depends if you have a live tree. >> well, fire hazard, perhaps it is wise. >> i understanded. you try to water, you try add the sugar, they say add sugar, lasts little longer. >> well, i've had it up since thanksgiving t goes up early. at this point it is like the holidays are over. ready for the new year, new start. bye bye tree. >> mine became so dry, it encased the lights. i had to throw everything away. chucked it. >> like you pick it up out of the stands like all the needles come falling off? >> yes. >> all over the floor. >> oh, mine looks great.
9:21 am
>> artificial? >> yep. >> never goes. >> saxon the city. did you guys go to part one, part two? >> i'm afraid i went to part one, yes. >> i going dragged there, ya. >> it was fun. the show was so amazing, great time whether we go to the movies. now there are some big time rumors. >> i love the reaction from all of the ladies inside. everything like when carry gets big, oh, the wedding. >> yep. >> i don't remember the movie, but possibly part three? possibly? maybe? >> interesting. >> all right.
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>> sharon says i took all of my christmas stuff down, tired of looking at it, and vicky says mine, too, and going out today. it's been dead since i bought
9:25 am
t that was mine. i got mine at produce junction. >> when did you buy it? >> right after thanksgiving. >> okay. >> but it started out almost dead. >> that's a long time. >> a long time. >> months. >> grab the first tree you saw on the lot? >> the kids pick t oh, it is so homeliment charlie brown, has bald spots, and my husband is oh, no, we need to trim around the bottom. so nothing on the bottom. >> you got to take the kids out one year and chop down your own tree. it is an experience have sure, thanks, tom, thanks for volunteering, thomas. >> i did it once. i will never do it again, but it is an experience. hey, that chopped that thing, that thing flew off the on the highway. it was a strapping tree. >> strapping. so sappy. >> ahh. >> let's talk about "sex and the city". i think we're going to leave that one alone. >> ya i'll roll out on this one. "sex and the city", i got dragged to part one, had to. >> who brought you? >> ya. it was a relationship.
9:26 am
>> one movie after the series ended, that's part one. then they had part two. part one when carry got married? >> okay, so, i saw part two. part two is when they went to -- >> camels? safari, all of that crazy stuff? >> ya, dragged to that one, too, that's my story and sticking to it, so excited because there is going to be "sex and the city" movie? >> wow. >> here's what's different. watch. take a look. >> ♪ ♪ >> happy anniversary. >> ♪ new york ♪ >> part one, the movie, the movie, well, it ruined it for guys, right? because every lady they want a closet, that they got. >> ya. >> it's been six years. it was only two years between the first two. so not much in their lives. >> not whole lot had changed.
9:27 am
but what's the deal? do we want another one? do we want to just leave them where they were. >> "sex and the city" or part of brooklyn, or connecticut, or in new jersey, what's happening now? >> everyone is excited. now it is like you guys are de sectioning what's sex and the said -- "sex and the city" three going to be like? >> so inform. >> i know, but then that one, where did that come from? >> let's think about it. maybe sex and the retirement home at this point. >> ouch. >> i think it will be fun. what's different about this time around, always kept hearing rumors, every article that would be written, anyone of the stars, oh, maybe it will happen. all four had signed on. so official real deal. it is going to happen. it will even start filming coming up in mid 2017. so i'm excited. i think it could be fun. i mean, if it is done right. they do bring it. >> maybe enough has happened in their lives that we have
9:28 am
something. >> maybe they'll fast forward and the children will be all grown up. >> nothing wrong with being middle age, sue serio. every day it is something. it is fast naturing. >> not that happy sound at 2:00 in the morning, let me tell you about my last night, and my kids are puking, my husband on my last nerve. >> so glamorous. >> all right, it is another rounds of cocktails on good day. we've been drinking all morning long, we went from -- >> you have. >> chocolate that had been spiced when willing something-something tonight beer. now new years eve cocktails. >> oh, we will get creative. yum. >> ♪
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at this hour we are following breaking news coming in the fox 29 news room we understand philadelphia police have taken a person into custody in the shooting death of a 81 year-old store owner in south philadelphia. this was an emotional story marie buck shot several times on christmas eve as she stood behind a counter at marie's grocery. police saying no money was taken from the store but once again, philadelphia police taking a person into custody in the shooting death of an 81 year-old store owner marie buck, in south philadelphia. by the way visitation for buck will be held it in and tomorrow morning at baldi's funeral home on south broad street. her funeral will be held friday at 11:00 a.m. >> karen. new years eve, it the is fast approaching. we are all trying to find a way to throw great party with little kid what to we do to include them. we have brought in an expert, we have kelly hammerly new joining us this morning. is what the name of the site you where. >> so you have made an amazing
9:33 am
ideas we can to, great project because so many are off this week. lets he start with a fun thing shirley temple. >> it is shirley temple and i made it more fun. i have the glass and have have a little bit of lime. >> yes. >> cut your lime and rim the glass with the lime juice, it makes it sticky. then tip it in the sanding sugar. you use it for cake decorating but it gives it more festive spin. then we have use festive paper straw, and then little, cocktail picks and the cherry and to make it you are going to ginger ale. >> um-hmm. >> with a little splash. >> um-hmm. >> this is really fun and cute how much is the this. >> just a little bit. >> just a little bit of color. >> yes. >> cute. >> okay and then you have a cocktail. >> and my cherry on top. >> my kid be picky so what are
9:34 am
you serving at my kid new years eve party. >> i'm serving cheese, lots of cheese. >> okay. >> these are parmesan crisp, it is one ingredient, you will grates your parmesan choose, pile it in little mountains on your baking sheet and bake it, and four or five minutes later you have little crackers and they are, gluten tree for your gluten free friends. >> you put tonight 350 and do you put oil. >> to, just put it on parch meant paper and weak it for four minutes at 400 degrees. >> amazing. >> yeah. >> shredded parmesan. >> absolutely this is, know, there is preservative and stuff this there that doesn't let it happen. >> okay. >> i'm saying you want to grates it yourself, nice fresh cheese. >> my nieces happen to love mushrooms. my kids i haven't gotten them that far what do you do to make it more kid friendly. >> again, more cheese. this has sausage, cream cheese
9:35 am
, parmesan cheese and you can, use size i sausage fit is just adults and give it a little kick or sweet italian to keep it more mild. >> then pop it in broiler can you make tonight advance and pop it in the broiler. >> i made these yesterday. you can make them and not bake them. but i made these last night and i bake them and then re heated them this morning. >> um-hmm, those are really delicious. >> yes, they are good. >> thank you. >> sausage is amazing. >> yes. >> one of the fun things on the stick. >> this is goat cheese balls, they are rolled up, scoop it up, roll tonight a ball and i rolled them in some candy pecans. >> i have a problem, our assistant enthusiasms director maryann, thank you gave us candy pecans for christmas and ate entire bag and gain 5- pound in the ross zest. thank you, maryann. >> poppers, this is it. >> you didn't buy them you made them. >> yes. these are so easy to make. you can get kid to to it. so i made some confetti, i
9:36 am
bought store bought confetti, tossed it together and i bought the cake push pops. you you can get them in the cake decorating section of the your craft store. pull bottom down and get rid of the lid and fill it up, with your confetti. and then you put a piece of tissue overtop and tape it on with double sided tape, decorate with a little tape and you have your festive push pops. >> that is fun? these are great. >> thank you. >> wow. >> finally. >> awesome. >> what are these. >> these are champagne truffles for the adults. when kid go to bed you bring these out with your champagne and toast in the new year. >> is what your favorite show to binge watch. >> sex in the city, i'm so excited. >> good. there we go. we will find out is what your favorite she to binge watch, it may depend on where you live, so we will tell you which ones are most popular in our area. by peggy lee playing ]
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welcome back on this snowy , rainy day. perfect time to set at home, turn on the tv, dvr and catch up on your favorite ramming. >> yes work my blanket. >> yes. >> out by the fireplace. >> so do you binge watch. >> i do, i watch a lot of the game of throwns which we have been talking about. i love that show. so much fun, and another one, just rolls rolls this is next episode you don't to have click button. i wonder what people in our area are watching. >> netflix have broke it down by region. in pennsylvania, delaware and new jersey. basically pennsylvania and delaware, people are addict to shameless. >> i watch this. >> i love this show too. >> comedy about a dysfunction al chicago family,
9:41 am
we all have them, william macy stars as an alcoholic father living with his six children. >> right. >> but they basically to have raise themselves and it is, a lot of adventures with that one. >> what about in new jersey. >> obsessed with naturecos. i have not seen it. >> i have never heard of this ram. >> so it is an intense manhunt for a colombian drug king. >> okay. >> that must be fascinating because he was just amazing, he had property town there in mexico. that is so, fast that iting. >> are you saying pablo is amazing. >> no, it was one of his drug houses that they renovated and made into a eco resort. fascinating story about how they would run the drugs up the coastline this explores his rise and fall as the leader of that drug cartel. >> okay. >> so when we sit at home and turn on the dvr and net flick we all binge watch, right. >> is what your favorite choice. >> i wish i had something more
9:42 am
profound. i couldn't zoom myself with a lot of news, reading with you at the end of the day when you just want to tune out, it thinks program, right the here . >> ♪ >> so, american dad, i mean all of the episodes, i have seen over and over and over again. it is just so much fun. and ted, the movie ted one and ted two. it is mind less tv. sometimes you just want to get away. all of the characters, steve, roger. >> funny lines come at you so quickly you have to watch it again. >> that is my row found viewing, for the day. >> only thing i watch is one thing at a time and i binge it , i watched downtown abby, and game of thrones, i'm looking for something else. i started the crown. >> i want to, i want to. i haven't had time yet. >> okay. >> i have been doing that too. that is about the royal family which is very interesting but here's what i supreme every
9:43 am
single day, back to back episode and i watch it, i take my nap with my three years old >> power to chase the story, let's go. >> let's go. >> we go in the book jump in the book and go on a adventure thinks super y i am watching this in case you want to know about my glamorous life in the middle of the afternoon that is what we're watching until will we fall sleep and take a that. >> what do you watch when the kid are not around. >> i run through the whole thing and then i'm looking for high next. >> we will to have to the crown and discuss. >> how about you, what is your pick. >> i discovered a pod cast called the west wing weekly, i started earlier this year. as a result i have been watching the west wing, i watched an episode and listen to the pod cast because one of the people on the pod cast was on the the show, and it is such a good show. >> yes. >> i loved all of the
9:44 am
characters. >> rob lowe anal son jenny, martin sheen, just tremendous ensemble cast of characters and it is just so well done, and this fictional president and his staff and life in the west wing. >> you know what is another good one. >> conn if the any my mouse. >> told you, i should have told you right on the corner of your mouth. >> yes. >> what is the other one, with , the other, you know, with the president and his wife and it is on net flick. >> i'll think bit touring the break. >> tmz is joining us, biggest headlines of the morning, of course, debbie reynolds are fans are celebrating her and her daughter carrie fisher, tmz joining us live next.
9:45 am
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so, it was house of cards was the show. >> that was other one i have been watching and then i got upset after they killed off a major character. >> wasn't that on show time, that was a good one too. let's talk about hollywood and television, certainly. enormous loss in the the last couple of days, just a 1/2 punch. >> we are remembering debbie reynolds she suffered a stroke making funeral plans for her daughter, carrie fisher her last word i want to be with carrie. >> tmz was first one to report on this tragic passing. lets get right to van, good morning, van. >> good morning, i am still just completely flabbergasted,
9:48 am
shocked by the events of the last couple days. debbie reynolds gone in the most heart breaking fashion. obviously we were still reeling from the loss of carrie fisher tuesday morning, and then, the way that debbie reynolds, a woman who we have all grown up with from unsink able molly brown, to sinking in the rain and mother with albert brooks, before she was at, her son's home and they were making funeral arrangements for carrie fisher and she suffered a stroke, was rush to the hospital, only to succumb to that stroke hours later. it is like a crazy 1/2 punch. i don't know what is going on this year but an unbelievable sad time here in hollywood. >> it really struck he we are looking at two powerful women. that is what you said when you were talking about carrie fisher, and i mean it really is telling because not only for young girls who watched carrie fisher in star wars but
9:49 am
you mentioned it back when she came out this 1977, and the power and presence she haddon camera. >> yeah, i mean, carrie fisher 's situation for me like i said, watching star wars, being a huge tan, it is kind of changed my perception of female heroins on film and then later on i learned that debbie reynolds was a mother and comes from hollywood royalty and made her story through her childhood struggles, you know all of the more relatable to someone like myself, and to see these two icons, these two great with men a film that happened to be related taken there us all in the span of a couple of daises a huge blow. >> what have we learned about the final hours from the tamly right the now, and what will happen. we had carrie fisher's daughter who just lost her mother and grandmother and also the brother who is left in the tamly and what happens next.
9:50 am
>> it is fluid, i mean to be honest with you, we were just starting to get information trickling in about what was going to happen with carrie fisher's stuff. we had learned that her daughter would be taking her dog and some of the stuff that would happen in terms of how her estate was going to be handled and all of the things that was going to go on with that and then add to debbie on top of that you just cannot imagine what that family, billy, and todd must be going through. it is unbelievable. we don't necessity anything oz of yet. when we to know, you'll know it did they live right next door to each other carrie and -- >> i'm not sure of that. i'm actually not sure of that. >> isolated secluded wood area behind some gates, and we mentioned the relationship that they had throughout the years, sometimes volatile but in the end they just truly cared for each other. >> best friend. >> we mourn along alongside everybody in the family and this whole country is
9:51 am
devastated by the news on this one to lose two tremendous toll events in this country. van, thank you so much. >> van from tmz. >> um-hmm. parents had a helping hand getting their kids to bed on new years eve. >> yes, thanks to netflix because they have count down to noon. 6:00 o'clock. we go to the party, count down to 8:00. >> put it on tv and pretend it is midnight. >> count down to midnight in the different country. count down to midnight in london. yeah, we do that. little trick of the parent. we will show you some of the ways you can party on and have your different count towns. lets take a look. >> ♪ we won't tell them it is not hid night if you don't. >> how to train your dragon, that is a great one, amazing, so we will be celebrating netflix is helping you this year with six different themes
9:52 am
depending on what your kids like, all you have to do is hit new years eve count down and then start count down to midnight, anytime you want. >> as i kiddy looked forward to it. high parents would keep us up, count down together, watch dick clark on tv and watch the ball drop. >> we lived in the rural area, go out with pots and pans and banging them on the outside. >> did you let nia stay up. >> come on back here, sue. >> i'm the one that can never stay up. i got married on new years eve and did not the stay up until midnight on my wedding day. >> i went to a party in d.c., birthday celebration and 9:30, i asked if i could go upstairs and take a nap. >> it is just not the a big deal. when i was a kiddy made a lot of money baby-sitting on new years eve because you could charge top dollar. >> yes, i know. >> i have been at it a decade. >> kanye west revealing his new years resolution and, well
9:53 am
, let's just say it may surprise you. about bassett. you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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we will be slipping and slide to go day all over the road, we have some in the poconos that is just beautiful , woodlock area of the poconos. so not that snow here we have rain on our streets right now. >> couple inches in the poconos. >> two to 4 inches expect and that is just where we want it in the ski resort. >> 9:56. 2017 is coming and guess who is making a new years resolution. >> who. >> kanye west is revealing what he is hoping for in the new year. >> he says, i just want everybody to be happy. >> well, that is not controversial. >> this is a picture he took
9:57 am
with kim and kid on christmas day, and we know he had that medical emergency where he spent time in the hospital but he is recovering and resolving on get the in the better shape for new year, who isn't, paparazzi spotted him going in the gym with the trainer and they had a patriotic tree or is that red and white. >> pepper mint. >> yes. >> he is not smiling at all. >> he doesn't look very happy. >> it is like a hostage photo. >> well, it will take sometime off, get it together, regroup, and then start their you this year. >> great having you with us all week, it the is hour six. we will take a break and come back for another six hours. >> our break won't be until tomorrow. >> we will see you later, have a good day everybody. stay safe, all right. >> bye-bye. happy hanukkah to everybody still celebrating and happy kwanzaa as well.
9:58 am
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? we do not judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: thank you so much for watching our show.


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